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     At BlaqueIce Productions our purpose is to provide  key note speakers, master of ceremonies (MC’s), musicians, artist, etc., with the services to hear their audio reproduction in different spaces acoustically correct, and educate clients on how various architectural forums impact sound quality in hotels, house of worship, schools, stadiums, restaurants, and nightclubs. We employ a (3) three step standard to ensure the highest level of audio reproduction.


Electro Acoustic Design

Detailed audio system design proposals

and evaluations using computer calculation

models, accounting for room

geometry, loudspeaker models and locations,

and room acoustic conditions in order accommodate

all needs. In addition, microphone placement

as well as adequate mixer leveling to ensure

quality sound reproduction for “LIVE” or recorded

events and or performances.


Audio System Detail Design

Once an electro acoustic design has

been established, the audio system design

is worked up in acute detail. This process

accounts for connectors, power, equipment

housing etc. This is a suitable level of design

detail to allow the audio system to work

properly catering to the acoustical demands

of the event at hand. In turn, this allows the

target audience to appreciate the event  by

eliminating offensive and improper intonation

and/or negative vocal reproduction.


Audio Design Final Commissioning

After the system has been set up and

tested for any  potential mechanical failures,

we provide Commissioning services to ensure

correct operation and optimized system performance.

This in turn prevents any and all unforeseen delays.

Capturing your audio and video

Recording your audio and video is also an option as we utilize the  process of capturing your moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording or solid state storage). These files can be converted for DVD creation or formatted for educational purposes. This includes all methods of video production, post-production, editing, mixing,  HD mastering and effects.         


(above)  Video streaming your conference or planned event allows you to reach a broader audience, "live".

Video Your Event

Video Your Event

Audio & Visual

Audio & Visual

Exterior Tent Setup

Exterior Tent Setup

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering

Interior Hall Settings

Interior Hall Settings

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